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In a permanent placement search, we will work with you to design a search that meets your needs. We get paid when a candidate that we refer to you is offered a position, accepts and we have successfully walked them through resignation. While this search does not reflect the partnership or exclusive nature of the retained search; we will work closely with you throughout the process of candidate recruitment, assessment, and hiring. 

GC Search Group offers a standard retained search offering which is geared for high volume, C-Level, and urgent specialized searches.  Fifty percent of our searches fall into this category.  The Retainer is very straightforward. We charge an upfront Engagement Fee  and ask for Exclusivity. The rest of the fee is paid when the search has been completed. 

This search is geared towards supporting short and long term projects, ramp up periods, and the traditional try before you buy model.  GC Search Group will charge a hourly bill rate for all hours worked.  Once the employee has completed the project or contract duration they are able to be released or converted to a permanent company employee with no additional fees.

With a 85% retention rate with our contingent staff, we are able to locate the right personnel and retain them through the entirety of the project.

As one of the top recruiting and staffing agencies in the area, we are constantly on the lookout for quality professionals to join our team.

Does this sound like a good cultural fit for you? If so, whether you have years of industry experience or are considering a new career in staffing, we’d like to speak with you!

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